Procco Financial Services has earned distinctive recognition of being one of the leading Islamic Payment Solution platform providers in the world. Since its establishment in Bahrain in 2006, Procco has continuously endeavoured to develop and promote TII’s business strategy in the payment and loyalty solutions sector. Procco operates and manages the infrastructure and capability to run the operating systems for both Selektpoints™ and FLAIR, flagship brands carried by TII’s Payment and Loyalty Solutions Group.

Procco’s payment solutions platform is the only integrated fully Sharia-compliant payment product that exists in the Middle East today. Its payment platform provides flexible configurations for client’s distinct requirements. Aside from FLAIR, its own branded merchant payment card that was launched in Kuwait in 2008, clients have the option to fully brand their own card with the White Label Payment Solution, which replicates all the features of a conventional payment card, excluding the interest factor. Similarly, clients can decide to complement their payment card solution by including Procco’s own branded Loyalty Solution,Selektpoints, as another feature of their card program.

Aside from marketing its flagship products, Procco’s business operation ranges from IT management to operations and system applications, which are based on a Service-Oriented Architecture technology platform. Its offerings include contract and product management, transaction processing, customer call centre, risk management, application and data control, as well as finance and administration functions.

Given these capabilities, which enable the company to support various businesses in multiple markets, it is ideally positioned to provide a full range Sharia-compliant payment card solutions and transaction processing both to TII companies and to other institutions lacking back-office infrastructure for their financial products.

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Selektpoints™ is a brand of loyalty and Islamic payment solutions being driven by Procco Financial Services for banks, financial institutions, corporate and/or retail merchants. It covers a wide range of activities including loyalty, prepaid, bank payment cards, merchant branded installment cards, etc.

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