FleetCorp Turkey

Founded in 1996 as an operational leasing company, Fleetcorp Turkey is now one of the largest leasing firms in Turkey.

TII has worked with the management of Fleetcorp to bring its operations up to international standards. This included a total restructuring of the company with the introduction of new senior management, and investment in cutting edge technology solutions to streamline business processes. These changes were necessary to position the company and optimize the available opportunities in the fast growing fleet leasing business in Turkey.

With a diverse structure designated to answer every customer’s needs, Fleetcorp carries a client profile consisting mostly of corporate and multinational companies. Generally operating in sales, advertising, tourism, logistics, and service sectors, Fleetcorp clientele require a mobile service network. These clients are among those who benefit most from the “Fleet Leasing” service, which are structured to save them cost and time, through vehicle purchasing, tax, maintenance, damage tracking and second hand operations.

Fleetcorp Turkey’s International Representation

Strong structure and superior service quality of Fleetcorp are appreciated by the international fleet management organizations intending to go to operational leasing market in Turkey. In 2010, Fleetcorp signed partnership agreements with two international organizations, Fleet Synergy International (FSI) and International Automotive Resource (IAR), which are expanding their business activities in Turkey.

FSI, a joint venture of Athlon Car Lease and Lex Autolease, manages a fleet of 680,000 vehicles in 18 countries. Through the strategic partnership agreement signed with FSI, Fleetcorp shall supply service to FSI’s international customers in Turkey, including the provision of the operational leasing service requirements of its own customers in European countries.

Meanwhile, US-based IAR, with its global solution partnership which manages a fleet of 1.5 million vehicles, has chosen Fleetcorp for its service quality and management concept. With this partnership, Fleetcorp will deliver services in coordination with ARI's European office located in Brussels.

Website: Fleetcorp Turkey