Listing in Bahrain Stock Market

His Excellency Sheikh Ahmed Bin Mohamed Al-Khalifa, Director of Bahrain Stock Exchange ("BSE") and Mr. Adnan Al Bahar, Chairman and Managing Director of The International Investor ("TII"), have signed the listing agreement of "TII"'s shares in Bahrain Stock Market.

Mr. Al Bahar added, that TII listing its shares in BSE comes as a step forward towards listing of TII shares in all other possible Gulf stock markets, which in return will expand TII shareholding base and develop its value.

Mr. Al Bahar explained that this parallel listing, of TII shares in Bahrain market, will support the existing listing taking place in Kuwait stock market. It will strengthen the shares value where Gulf investors will be able to buy and sell these shares through two separate markets using both the Kuwaiti and Bahraini Dinar.

Further Mr. Al Bahar added, that this expansion comes as part of TII's overall regional expansion as it serves the company's future plans towards the intensive use of electronic listing and exchange of stock shares through the internet to remove and penetrate all existing obstacles between Gulf and Arab stock markets.