Evolution of TII Strategy

Currently, TII's strategy is focused on providing Islamic compliant financial services, customer loyalty solutions and investment in private properties. TII specifies the direction towards which the individuals want to manage their wealth according to Sharia compliance.

To fulfil such needs, TII has offered special services to manage private portfolios, local and international assets, trust funds and providing personal financial services.

TII acquired Malaysia and Singapore markets which enabled it to enter the South Eastern Asia Markets. It has also played a strong role in the Turkish lease markets.

Following are the main strategic plans that TII drew in several areas related to consultation, Business Administration, appointing agencies and underwriting:

  1. Sale and lease of 7 Airbus planes to Kuwaiti airlines for USD 476 million.
  2. Financing Equate Petrochemical company for USD 120 million.
  3. TII joined Dresdner Bank, COOP investment company and Merril Lynch Bank.
  4. The launch of the first Islamic Stock Exchange with FTSE London.
  5. TII invested around USD 198 million in America and British real estate.